About Us

FPI was founded in 2007 as an independent, nongovernmental organization to provide emergency health and sanitation assistance to victims of humanitarian disasters, regardless of political, economic, strategic, or religious interests.

Our teams are designed to operate independently, arriving on site (eventually via our own transport vehicles) with the necessary shelter modules, health kits, and medications to perform emergency care.

Flying Physicians International is recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Board Members

Leslie P. King, MD, MPH (Chair)

Dr Leslie King is a Portland, OR physician and public health practitioner who founded FPI in 2007. She has extensive tropical medicine and international health experience. Her frustrations with other NGOS motivated her to create FPI. Dr. King also serves as FPI's founding director and currently works as a locum tenens physician in underserved rural settings throughout the Western United States.

Laury A. Girt (Secretary)

Laury Girt is a resident of Portland dedicated to nonprofit organizations in her native Oregon. She has over two decades of business management, client services, fundraising, and development skills gained through her various employment and volunteer positions. Laury earned a Certificate of Nonprofit Development from the Institute for Nonprofit Management at Portland State University in August 2007.

Jennifer Schoenbeck (Director)

Jennifer Schoenbeck is the Assistant to the Executive Director for Portland-based nonprofit MIKE Program (Multicultural Integrated Kidney Education Program). Jen supports MIKE Program's mission to reduce epidemic chronic diseases by empowering teenagers to be community health ambassadors. A native Oregonian and proud University of Oregon alumna, Jen is an active community volunteer.

Bryan Goodin (Intern)

Bryan Goodin is the Coordinator of the Oregon Adult Immunization Coalition (OAIC), a partnership between the Oregon Public Health Immunization Program (his employer) and adult immunization stakeholders from across the state. This role allows Bryan to apply his interests in health education, policy impact, direct clinical services, and to work with underserved populations by facilitating public health interventions.

Before joining with state public health, Bryan worked as a regional consultant on emergency preparedness and medical surge response plans. He also has experience in HIV/AIDS prevention, chronic care management, mental health, and practiced as an Emergency Medical Technician in rural New Mexico for about 5 years.

Bryan will be graduating this fall with his Masters of Public Health, specializing in Policy Administration and Non-Profit Management. He plans to continue on to a PhD in Sociology, with research interests in health disparities and equitable health policy.