Inaugural Mission: Oregon Underserved

February 24, 2008

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FPI's domestic programs will specifically focus on medically underserved communities. Oregon has the 10th largest land mass in the United States, creating geographic challenges for many rural Oregonians. Further, many of Oregon's remote areas are economically fragile with disproportionate poverty rates. FPI has chosen the town of Elkton (near Drain/Yoncalla) in Douglas County as the site of its Inaugural Oregon Underserved Mission because of its rural health care shortage area status. The Elkton Mission will occur on the grounds of the Elkton Community Education Center on Saturday, June 21, 2008.

Please click the links below for maps detailing our southern Oregon mission site.

unmet-health-care-needs-map.jpg oregon-county-map-tn.jpg elkton-or-google-maps-tn.jpg

Flying Physicians International will be joined in Elkton by the Oregon Lions Medical Health Screening Unit, the Medical Teams International Dental Unit, and the C&K Markets, Inc. Ray's Place Wellness Express. These mobile units will allow us to fulfill the "eyes/ears, teeth, and shots"; components of our mission as each vehicle will be dedicated to one of these specific purposes. FPI will be even further honored to collaborate with the Oregon Pacific Chapter of the American Red Cross which will perform blood banking and training classes on site at the Elkton Community Education Center.

Inaugural Mission Presentation

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